Spontaneous extradural spread of glioblastoma through the skull base

InvestigatorAge (yr), SexSite of PrimarySite of Extradural SpreadPrior Treatment
Sanerkin, 1962665, ML temporal lobeL middle cranial fossaNone
Nager, 1967741, MLarge R temporalR temporal bone, presenting as a mass in the R external auditory canalNo prior craniotomy or radiotherapy
Hoyt et al, 19728FrontotemporalAnterior fossa
Liwnicz and Rubinstein, 1979326, MLarge L temporal lobeL middle cranial fossaRadiation and surgery approx 8 months prior
Aoyama et al, 1980930 FR frontalAnterior cranial fossa into nasal cavityNone
Shuangshoti et al, 19871030, MR frontotemporalR sphenoid wing, posterior wall of frontal sinusNone
Shuangshoti et al, 19871025, FR frontotemporalSphenoid wing, ethmoid, posterior orbitNone
Bigner et al, 1989117, FL medial temporalL sphenoid wing and sella turcica into nasopharynxLeft ventriculopleural shunt
Lampl et al, 19901232, MR frontoparietalEthmoid sinus, frontal sinusResection 8 months prior with chemoradiation
Pompili et al, 19931340, MBifrontalL orbit, ethmoid, maxillary sinus, and nasal fossaPartial resection and radiation 21 months prior
Horiuchi et al, 19961441, FR temporal lobeR anterior and middle cranial fossae into orbit, nasal cavity, and oral cavity2 prior resections
Rainov et al, 19961566, FL temporal lobeAnterior and middle cranial fossaeNone
  • Note:—R, L indicate right and left, respectively; approx, approximately.