Table 1:

Sample acute stroke protocol for 64-section MDCT scanner: NCCT, vertex-to-arch CTA with cardiac component, and standard cine CTP

LocationSection Thickness (mm)Image Spacing (mm)PitchkVmAGantry Rotation Time (s)Contrast Administration
NCCTC1 to vertex550.531:11202500.7
CTAVertex to 1 cm below carina1.250.6250.516:11204200.54 mL/s; volume, 40-mL contrast
CardiacCarina to just below diaphragm0.6250.6251:11204200.35Repeat after 45-second delay
Cine CTPSelected by neuroradiologist4-cm slabN/AN/A8020017 mL/s; volume, 35 mL
  • Note:—NCCT indicates noncontrast CT; N/A, not applicable; MDCT, multidector row CT; CTA, CT angiography; CTP, CT perfusion .