Table 3:

Sensitivity and specificity to predict MCI with different imaging measurements of WM and GM changes*

ModalCortical RegionsSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Accuracy (%)AUC
DTI indicesLeft temporal FA1.000.600.800.83
Left temporal ADC0.800.800.800.86
Cortical thicknessEntorhinal0.900.700.800.84
Middle temporal1.000.600.800.81
Superior temporal0.700.800.750.78
FA plus cortical thicknessLeft temporal FA plus entorhinal0.800.800.800.87
Left temporal FA plus middle temporal0.800.900.850.92
Left temporal FA plus parahippocampal0.901.000.950.98
Left temporal FA plus superior temporal1.000.600.800.90
ADC plus cortical thicknessLeft temporal ADC plus entorhinal0.900.900.900.92
Left temporal ADC plus middle temporal0.900.900.900.94
Left temporal ADC plus parahippocampal1.000.600.800.87
Left temporal ADC plus superior temporal0.900.900.900.92
  • Note:—AUC indicates area under the curve.

  • * The accuracy and quality of prediction are shown as increases in AUC when DTI and cortical thickness measurements are used concurrently.