Table 2:

Pearson correlations between changes in cortical thickness in the GM and changes of WM integrity in ROIs in the left temporal lobes of MCI group

DTI Measurements*Subject GroupsCortical Thickness
FusiformMiddle TemporalInferior TemporalParahippocampalPars TriangularisSuperior Temporal
FA (r)Control0.300.110.430.030.300.28
ADC (r)Control−0.52−0.49−059−0.70−0.47−0.55
  • Note:—ADC indicates apparent diffusion coefficient; DTI, diffusion tensor imaging; FA, fractional anisotropy; GM, gray matter; WM, white matter; ROI, region of interest.

  • * FA and ADC were averaged.

  • Only cortical structures with statistically significant changes are shown.