Table 4:

Diagnostic yield of multidetector CT angiography in different age groups

Group 1 (18–45 years)Group 2 (46–70 years)Group 3 (71–94 years)
No.% Positive CTAs*P ValueNo.% Positive CTAs*P ValueNo.% Positive CTAsP Value
All patients in group8747.1n/a26314.8n/a2734n/a
Hemorrhage site<.01<.01.24
    Deep gray matter219.5751.3771.3
Known HTN<.01<.010.09
Neither HTN nor IC<.01<.01<.01
  • Note:—No. indicates the number of patients; IC, impaired coagulation.

  • * Includes 1 false-positive CTA.

  • From univariate analysis with the Pearson χ2 test.

  • Independent predictor in multiple variable logistic regression analysis.

  • § Includes patients with either HTN and/or impaired coagulation.