Table 1:

Demographic data of patients with delayed encephalopathy after CO intoxication

Patient/Age (yr)/SexNeurologic FeaturesWM Involved in Delayed Encephalopathy on MRITime (days)
LucidTo MRITo Testing
1/57/MAcute: coma, conscious in 2 days; delayed: impaired memory, personality change, parkinsonism, general weaknessGlobus pallidus, frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital121222
2/44/MAcute: coma, conscious in ≤1 day; delayed: impaired cognition and memoryGlobus pallidus, frontal, parietal428344
3/26/FAcute: coma, conscious in a few days; delayed: impaired memory, parkinsonism, amnesia, bad temperFrontal, parietal13120115
4/35/MAcute: coma; delayed: impaired memory, inattention, personality change, amnesiaParietal, occipital203124
5/34/MAcute: coma, conscious in 1 week; delayed: ataxia, impaired memory, ideomotor apraxiaGlobus pallidus, frontal, parietal7393383
6/62/MAcute: coma, conscious in ≤1 day; delayed: confusion, impaired cognition, apraxia, amnesia, parkinsonismGlobus pallidus, frontal, parietal, occipital2543
7/41/FAcute: coma; delayed: parkinsonism, dysmetria, dyssynergia, urine retention, difficulty defecatingGlobus pallidus, frontal, parietal7415
8/24/FAcute: coma; delayed: ataxia, impaired cognitionGlobus pallidus, frontal, parietal20107106
9/41/FAcute: coma; delayed: disorientation, incoherent speech, dysexecution, behavioral changes, acute dystoniaGlobus pallidus, frontal, parietal19268
10/43/MAcute: coma, conscious in ≤1 day; delayed: impaired memory and cognition, parkinsonismGlobus pallidus, frontal, parietal173018
11/48/MAcute: disturbed consciousness in 1 day; delayed: depression, parkinsonismGlobus pallidus1032
12/36/FAcute: disturbed consciousness in 1 day; delayed: amnesia, apraxiaGlobus pallidus, parietal, occipital23414414
13/37/FAcute: coma; delayed: impaired memory and cognitionFrontal, parietal, occipital6557
14/41/MAcute: coma; delayed: ataxia, disorientation, urinary incontinenceNo obvious lesion15442423
  • Note:—MRI indicates MR imaging.