Table 1:

Diagnostic accuracy of multidetector CT angiography in IPH

FindingsConfirmed Vascular Lesion*Confirmed No Vascular LesionTotal
Positive CTA73275
Negative CTA3132135
Sensitivity96.1% (88.1%–99.0%)
Specificity98.5% (94.2%–99.7%)
PPV97.3% (89.8%–99.5%)
NPV97.8% (93.2%–99.4%)
  • Note:—PPV indicates positive predictive value; NPV, negative predictive value; IPH, intraparenchymal hemorrhage; CTA, CT angiography.

  • * Fifty-one vascular lesions were confirmed by conventional angiography, 54 during direct surgical evaluation of the hematoma cavity and pathologic evaluation of the surgical specimen and 4 at postmortem examination (33 vascular lesions were confirmed by >1 type of examination but counted only once for the purpose of this analysis).

  • 95% confidence interval.