Table 3:

Procedure- and disease-related adverse events*

Randomized Treatment
HydrogelBare Platinum
Procedural aneurysm rupture93.683.2
Coil migration156.0104.0
Parent artery occlusion41.683.2
Thromboembolic complication145.62510.0
Other procedure-related adverse events83.293.6
Intra-arterial thrombolysis used208.02610.4
Neurologic deterioration immediately after coiling187.2176.8
Rebleed before discharge0020.8
Delayed ischemic neurologic deficit3413.73815.2
Cerebral hematoma93.6114.4
Other disease-related135.293.6
  • * Events, especially procedural ones, may not have resulted in clinical sequelae.

  • See “Results” for explanatory notes.