Table 5:

Occurrence of hydrocephalus in HELPS trial to 3 months postrandomization*

Randomized Treatment
HydrogelBare PlatinumAbsolute Difference
No.%No.%95% CI
Total no. patients randomized249250
Ruptured aneurysm; no hydrocephalus11280.611784.8
Ruptured aneurysm; hydrocephalus present2618.72115.2+3.5% (−5.4% to +12.4%)
Consent withdrawn10.70
Not recently ruptured; no hydrocephalus10898.210997.3
Not recently ruptured; hydrocephalus present21.832.7−0.9% (−5.9% to +4.1%)
  • Note:—CI indicates confidence interval; TA, target aneurysm (the one on which randomization was based).

  • * Test for interaction (to find out whether the effect of treatment differs between subgroups), P = 0.5, from logistic regression (ie, there is no evidence that the effect of treatment on hydrocephalus is different in ruptured and unruptured aneurysms).