Table 2:

Baseline data on randomization

Randomized Treatment
HydrogelBare Platinum
Total No. patients randomized249250
Age (years)
Target aneurysm size (maximal dimension)
    2–4.9 mm4216.94116.4
    5–9.9 mm14457.814457.6
    10–24.9 mm6325.36526.0
Dome-to-neck ratio
Baseline rupture status
    Yes, in previous 30 days13253.013353.2
    Yes, >30 days ago52.041.6
    Yes, but date unknown20.810.4
Aneurysm shape
    Irregular (multilobulated)7630.57730.8
    Not multilobulated17369.517369.2
Planned use of assist device
    Missing (see “Results”)156.0145.6
Assist device actually used *11646.611546.0
    Other (TriSpan double microcatheter techniques)31.231.2
    Assist device attempted but failed20.800
    Not known (consent withdrawn)10.400
Randomized Americas
  • * More than 1 assist device may have been used in any individual case.

  • Boston Scientific, Natick, Mass.

  • This is North and South America combined.