Table 2:

Diffusion tensor imaging and fiber tracking characteristics of brain white matter regions with reduced FA

VariableMild TBI (n = 21), Mean (95% Confidence Interval)Correlation with Time after Injury
r ValueP Value
Regions with reduced FA
Number of regions9.1 (7.6–10.6)0.0820.725
Volume, mm3525 (453–597)−0.0850.240
FA0.30 (0.29–0.31)0.3490.121
z score−3.38 (−3.50 to −3.26)0.1000.667
ADC, mm2/s2.56 (2.47–2.66)−0.2210.336
No. of through-passing fibers371 (318–423)−0.1180.611
Length of through-passing fibers, mm82 (80–85)0.1550.503
  • Note:—TBI indicates mild traumatic brain injury; FA, fractional anisotropy; ADC, apparent diffusion coefficient.