Table 3:

Summary of MRA features and toxicity blood pressure

Blood Pressure# ptsOverall FeaturesFocal Vessel Features
nlPDS# vesselsnlIr (Ir/P)FS (FS/P)
Normotensive1073–301612 (6)2
Moderately hypertensive52–31544 (2)7
Severely hypertensive288218841322 (9)49 (5)
  • Note:β€”MRA indicates MR angiography; # pts indicates number of patients; nl, normal; P, pruned; DS, diffuse vasoconstriction; # vessels, number of vessels; Ir, irregularity grade 1; Ir/P, irregular and pruned; FS, focal vasoconstriction/vasodilation grade 2–3; FS/P, focal vasoconstriction/vasodilation and pruned.