Table 1:

Summary of potential risk factors studied

Potential Risk FactorsNo. of PatientsP Value*
Age (>60 vs ≤60 y)56 vs 441.0
Sex (male vs female)78 vs 22.687
Symptom pattern (unstable vs stable)27 vs 73.004
Initial NIHSS (≥4 vs <4)23 vs 77.313
Presenting symptom (stroke vs TIA)57 vs 431.0
Time from symptom onset (>7 vs ≤7 day)70 vs 30.482
Lesion location (anterior vs posterior)69 vs 31.277
Degree of stenosis (≥70% vs <70%)49 vs 51.049
Length of stenosis (≥7 vs <7 mm)59 vs 41.520
Residual stenosis (≥20% vs <20%)59 vs 41.086
Presence of diabetes331.0
Presence of hypertension71.273
Presence of hyperlipidemia26.281
Presence of smoking history36.323
Presence of cardiac disease151.0
Presence of previous stroke32.722
Level of C-reactive protein (≥0.2 mg/dL)48.154
Level of homocysteine (≥15 μmol/L)28.426
  • Note:—TIA indicates transient ischemic attack; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.

  • * Association between adverse event and each independent factor tested by Fisher exact test.