Table 1:

Spinal Cord MR Angiography Protocol

Field strength1.5T
CoilSynergy spine phased array coil
Pulse sequence3D fast-gradient recalled echo, with centric k-space filling
TR/TE/FA6.0 ms/1.7 ms/30°
DirectionsFrequency-encoding CC; phase-encoding AP; sagittal slices
FOV/RFOV≤50 cm CC/40%–70% reduction AP
Acquisition time35-52 seconds per dynamic phase
Contrast administration0.2–0.3 mmol Gd-DTPA/kg body weight, injected at 3 mL/s
Voxel size∼0.8 × 0.8 × 1.2 mm
PrecontrastSimilar acquisition for subtraction
Dynamic phases≥2
Scan delayScan delay time of acquisition is set to filling of abdominal aorta, determined by MR fluoroscopy with 2-mL test bolus
  • Note:—FA indicates flip angle; RFOV, reduced FOV; CC, craniocaudal; AP, anterior-posterior; Gd-DTPA, gadolinium-diethylene-triaminepentaacetic acid.