Table 3:

Perfusion parameters and P values for nonenhancing versus enhancing grade III, nonenhancing grade III versus low grade, and enhancing grade III versus grade IV gliomas

PS (mL/100 g/min) Mean (SD)CBV (mL/100 g) Mean (SD)CBF (mL/100 g/min) Mean (SD)MTT (s) Mean (SD)
Low grade (8)0.52 (0.15)0.95 (0.22)27.0 (8.3)4.24 (1.42)
Nonenhancing grade III (3)0.46 (0.13)0.88 (0.16)26.1 (3.4)3.23 (0.64)
Enhancing grade III (3)1.61 (0.57)2.77 (1.52)51.7 (20.8)5.96 (0.75)
WHO grade IV (18)2.81 (1.28)3.12 (0.97)96.3 (79.8)4.69 (1.32)
P values for nonenhancing vs. enhancing grade III.
P values for low grade vs. nonenhancing grade III.623.699.971.330
P values for enhancing grade III vs. grade IV.052.438.322.128
  • PS indicates permeability surface-area product; CBV, cerebral blood volume; CBF, cerebral blood flow; MTT, mean transit time.