Table 2:

Vaginally delivered neonates with and without SDH: mean length of each stage of labor, birth weight, and incidence of cephalohematoma

1st stage (min)2nd stage (min)2nd stage >120 minutesCephalohematomaBirth Weight (g)
No SDH414,50,353404,
(n = 55)range, 37–1439; median, 357range, 11–554; median, 195%9%range, 2842–4379
(n = 46)range, 75–1397; median, 380range, 1–593; median, 2726%39%range, 2867–4583
    P value*>.01<.01<.01<.01
  • * P values represent significance of comparisons between no SDH and SDH.