Table 2:

Data of angiographic units

DataInstitution 1Institution 2Institution 3Institution 4Institution 5Institution 6
Angiographic unit (No. of procedures)AXIOM Artis FA (48)AXIOM Artis dBA (20)AXIOM Artis dBA (15)Allura Xper FD20/10 (10)Advantx LCN PLUS (5)Advantx-E LCA (4)OEC9800 (1)
DetectorI.I. (single plane)FD (Biplane)FD (Biplane)FD (Biplane)I.I. (Biplane)I.I. (Single plane)I.I. (Single plane)
Period of use of the unit, y5111774
Period of use of the detector, y5111314
Dose area product meterAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableNot availableNot available4
Mainly used FOV, cm28, 20, 1448, 32, 22, 16*22, 16, 11*43, 40, 25, 20*15, 112323
Minimal total filtration2.5-mm Al2.5-mm Al2.5-mm Al2.7-mm Al2.9-mm Al2.9-mm Al5.5-mm Al
    Removable filter0.1-, 0.2-, 0.3-mm Cu0.2-mm Cu0.1-mm Cu0.4-mm Cu + 1.0-mm Al0.1-mm Cu + 1.0-mm Al
    Pulse rate15 pulse/s15 pulse/s15, 10 pulse/s30, 15 pulse/s30 pulse/s25 pulse/s8 pulse/s
Digital subtraction angiography
    Removable filter0.1-, 0.2-, 0.3-mm Cu0.1-mm Cu0.1-mm Cu0.1-mm Cu + 1.0-mm Al0.1-mm Cu +1.0-mm Al
    Frame rate2 frame/s1 frame/s6, 4, 3 frame/s2 frame/s1.9 frame/s3.1 frame/s30 frame/s
  • Note:—I.I. indicates image intensifier; FD, digital flat panel detector; Cu, copper; Al, aluminum.

  • * The FOV of the digital flat panel detector was specified by the diagonal length.