Table 2:

Distribution of arachnoid granulations documented by imaging and anatomic studies

ReferenceModalityPatientsCase TypeNo.NOSVent. Sup.Dors. Inf.TSSSTHStSVoGNotes
Leach et al1CT with contrast573Unselected168NA0115438203- to 5-mm posterior fossa, 10-mm supratentorial section thickness
Leach et al1MR with contrast100Unselected14NA011300005- to 6-mm section thickness
Leach et al1Anatomic29Unselected91NANA08605NANADid not assess anterior superior SSS, included posterior inferior
Roche et al3MR, CT, angiography32Selected42NA00364200Selected cases
Liang et al4MR with contrast100Unselected433NA227612200762Assessed all dural sinuses, 3D MPRAGE, 1.3-mm section thickness
Gailloud et al13Angiography57Unselected15NA02120100All 12 TS AGs at vein of Labbe entrance site, angiographic study
Browder et al6Anatomic295Unselected25NA02230000Only counted large protuberances
Ikushima et al19MR1118Unselected1345NANA1153830Noncontrast MR
Koshikawa et al20MR151Unselected162NANANA162NANANANATS only
  • Note:—TS indicates transverse sinus; SS, sigmoid sinus; TH, torcular herophili; StS, straight sinus; VoG, vein of Galen confluence with StS; Vent. Sup., ventral superior SSS; Dors. Inf., dorsal inferior SSS; NA, not applicable; AG, arachnoid granulation; MPRAGE, magnetization-prepared rapid acquisition of gradient echo; SSS, superior sagittal sinus; NOS, location not otherwise specified.