Table 1:

Acquisition and reconstruction protocols and effective radiation dose for cochlear implant imaging on 64-section scanners

VariableAquilion 64Brilliance 64LightSpeed 64Sensation 64
Acquisition protocol
    Tube voltage, kV120140140120
    Tube current, mA200200335135
    Beam collimation, mm4 × 0.52 × 0.5532 × 0.62512 × 0.6
    Rotation time, s0.
    Scan FOV240500320500
Dose of acquisition protocol
    Effective dose, mSv1.
Reconstruction protocol
    Section thickness, mm0.50.550.60.6
    Section interval, mm0.
    KernelFC84Filter DBonePlusU90u
    Reconstruction matrix5122768251225122
    Recon FOV PMMA phantom, mm100
    Recon FOV PSF phantom, mm50
    Recon FOV cadaver head, mm80
  • Note:—FOV indicates field of view; PMMA, polymethylmethacrylate; PSF, point spread function.