Table 2.

Outcome and clinical features of 8 patients with acute stroke and occluded internal carotid/middle cerebral arteries

Case NoInitial NIHSS24-Hour NIHSS1-Month Outcome NIHSS/mRS3-Month Outcome NIHSS/mRSThrombolytic Agent Route/Dose of rtPA/mgPost Thrombolysis TIMI /MCA
1841/11/1IA 252
215125/24/2IA 82
32173/13/1IV 8.7/IA 153
41685/25/2IV 7.5/IA 151
51422/11/0IV 49.2/IA 22
618145/23/1IV 60/IA 152
7811/01/0IA 102
8721/01/0IA 43
  • Note:—NIHSS indicates National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale; mRS, modified Rankin scale; IA, intra-arterial; rtPA, tissue plasminogen activation; TIMI, Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction Scores; MCA, middle cerebral artery; IV, intravenous.