Table 2:

NAA/Cho and NAA/PCr metabolite ratios and absolute molar concentrations of NAA, Cho, and PCr (mmol/L brain tissue, mM) for patient subgroups and healthy controls (group Ia)

GroupNAA/ChoNAA/PCrNAA (mM)Cho (mM)PCr (mM)
IV* mean1.721.629.791.888.19
III mean2.081.8310.361.647.61
II mean2.101.7810.261.607.78
Ia mean2.111.8212.642.009.15
  • Note:—NAA indicates N-acetylaspartate; Cho, choline; PCr, phosphocreatine.

  • * Both metabolite ratios are lowest in group IV.