Table 1:

Sixteen patients with presumptive low-grade astrocytomas on conventional MR imaging: histopathologic diagnosis and minimum ADC

Patients/Sex/Age (yr)Histologic Diagnosis*Minimum ADC
1/M/47Grade II astrocytoma1.185
2/F/48Grade II astrocytoma1.229
3/F/40Grade II astrocytoma1.725
4/M/43Grade II astrocytoma1.166
5/M/41Grade II astrocytoma1.03
6/F/25Grade II astrocytoma1.196
7/M/21Grade II astrocytoma1.518
8/M/55Grade II astrocytoma1.057
9/F/36Grade III astrocytoma0.982
10/F/77Grade III astrocytoma1.104
11/F/70Grade III astrocytoma0.902
12/F/38Grade III astrocytoma1.053
13/M/39Grade III astrocytoma1.025
14/M/23Grade III astrocytoma1.046
15/M/49Grade IV astrocytoma0.90
16/M/60Grade IV astrocytoma1.24
  • * WHO criteria.

  • 10−3 mm2 · sec−1.