Table 2:

Univariate analysis of clinical and imaging predictors of significant clinical deterioration

Univariate Analysis (N= 32)
ORP ValueArea Under the Curve
Clinical Variables
    Current antiplatelet (aspirin and/or clopidogrel) therapy0.007a80.8%
    Current warfarin therapy0.2540.4%
    Admission INR.34.70354.8%
    Admission NIHSS1.26.07a73.1%
    Time from symptom onset to scanning.81.4352.6%
    tPA treatment>1000.03a67.3%
    Merci treatment.68.6854.5%
Imaging variables
    Admission PCT-defined infarct volume1.02.08a63.5%
    Admission BBBP1.71.01a79.6%
    Collaterals to the region of the stroke.37.2961.5%
  • a P value < .2, considered for inclusion in the multivariate analysis.