Table 3:

Results from binary questions

QuestionYes by All ReviewersNo by All Reviewersκ
Are you able to evaluate stent structures at the level of the coil mass?25.0% (11/44)54.5% (24/44)0.69
Is visualization sufficient to assess apposition of the stent to the vessel wall?96.2% (50/52)1.9% (1/52)0.79
Can you assess the relationship between the aneurysm, vessels, stent, and coil mass?25.0% (11/44)56.8% (25/44)0.72
Is there calcification of the stented segment of the vessel?3.85% (2/52)90.4% (47/52)0.68
Are there filling defects within the stented segment?11.5% (6/52)82.7% (43/52)0.85