Table 1:

Items scored by each reader for both DSA and 4D-CTA images

DAVF detectedYes/no
Classification of Borden et al5
    IDrains through dural sinus
    IIRetrograde flow from sinus into cortical veins
    IIIDirect flow into cortical veins
Classification of Cognard et al1
    IAntegrade sinusoidal flow
    IIReflux: a) sinusoidal, b) arachnoid or both
    IIIDirect flow into cortical veins
    IVSame as III, but with venous ectasias
    VFlow into perimedullary veins
Arterial feeders, large
Any combination of the above
Arterial feeders, small
ECA: Occipital artery, auricular artery, superficial temporal artery, middle meningeal artery, ascending pharyngeal artery, internal maxillary artery
ICA: Posterior group, inferolateral trunk, meningohypophyseal trunk, ophthalmic system
VA: Muscular/occipital branches, posterior meningeal artery, posterior inferior cerebellar artery
Any combination of the above
Fistula typeSingle hole (focal)/multihole (diffuse)
Venous outflow obstructionYes/no
Isolated/trapped sinusYes/no