Table 6:

Literature review of series reporting recovery rates after surgical treatment of aneurysms causing ophthalmoplegia

StudyPatientsLocationTime to Treatment (mean)Complete RecoveryIncomplete RecoveryNo Improvement
Literature review by Leivo et al (before 1996)283PcomAUnknown117 (41%)147 (52%)19 (7%)
Leivo et al (1996)128PcomA0 to >30 days16 (57%)UnknownUnknown
Yanaka et al (2003)2214aPcomA-11/AchoA-2/basilar-117.3 days7 (50%)6 (43%)1 (7%)
Chen et al (2006)187PcomA1–90 days6 (85.7%)1 (14.7%)0
Ahn et al (2006)217PcomAUnknown3 (42.9%)4 (57.1%)0
  • a Patients who underwent surgery.