Table 1:

Clinical and angiographic characteristics of patients (PT and confirmed DAVF)

PatientAge (yr)/SexArterial SupplyVenous DrainageStenosesCortical VenousCognard Stage
146/FR Occ/R Vert/R APAMarginalNoneNoIIa
246/FR PCA/R Vert/R Occ/R MM/R APA/L OccSigmoidR JugularNoIIa
379/FR MM/R Occ/R MHTOccipitalR JugularNoI
455/MR Occ/R MHT/R MMSigmoidR JugularNoIIa
543/MR Occ/R PAur/R MHTMarginalNoneNoI
652/FL Occ/L VertMarginalNoneNoIIa
740/FR MM/R APA/R OccSigmoidR SigmoidYesIIa+b