Table 2:

Peri- and postprocedural antiplatelet and anticoagulation regimensa

No.Clopidogrel/Aspirin (oral) Pre-EVT (mg)Clopidogrel (NGT)/Aspirin (IV) Pre-Stent+Coil (mg)Clopidogrel (NGT)/Aspirin (IV) Post-Stent±Coil (mg)Clopidogrel (oral) Postprocedure (mg)/DurationAspirin (oral) Postprocedure (mg)/DurationHeparin Postprocedure/Duration
1150/0150/075/1.5 Months150/6 MonthsIV/1 day + LMWH/1 week
20/300150/1 MonthIV/3 days
30/300300/075/2 Months100/LifetimeLow-dose s.c./14 days
4300/30075/1 Day100/1 DayIV/2 days
50/300 (NGT)150/0150/LifetimeIV/0.5 days
6IV/1.5 days
7150/0150/075/3 Days75/12 Months
80/320150/075/1 Month75/3 Months
9300b/500b75/1 Month75/3 Months
10150/0150/075/1 Month75/3 Months
11300b/300b75/3 MonthsIV/0.5 day + LMWH/6 days
120/5000/15075/1 Month75/3 Months
13150/075/30075/3 Months150/6 Months
  • a All patients received intraprocedural IV heparin aiming at an ACT >2 × baseline.

  • b Postcoil and prestent.