Table 2:

Comparison of the sensitivity for 3 reading sessions according to the lesion sizea

≤573.1 (204/279)45.9 (128/279)74.6 (208/279)<.001/<.001/.792
>597.1 (166/171)97.1 (166/171)99.4 (170/171)NSc
P valued0.0300.0100.010
  • a Data are percentages; numbers in parentheses are raw data.

  • b P values for comparisons between TSE-MSDE and MPRAGE/MPRAGE and combined TSE-MSDE/MPRAGE/TSE-MSDE and combined TSE-MSDE/MPRAGE.

  • c Two-way ANOVA did not show significance.

  • d P values for comparisons between groups of small- (≤5 mm) and large-sized (>5 mm) lesions.