Table 1:

Baseline characteristics of patients and BBAs

PatientAge/SexFisher GradeaHH GradeaAneurysm Location/SideAneurysm Level/PositionSizea (neck × depth) (mm)Neck-Dome RatioAneurysm GrowthbAssociated Findings
156/M11ICA/LC6-postmed1.7 × 1.51.1NoProx stenosis
254/F31ICA/LC7-lateral2.4 × 1.91.3YesProx stenosis
350/M21ICA/RC6-antmed2.6 × 2.90.9Yes
446/F44ICA/RC6-antmed2.8 × 2.91.0Yes
549/F34BA-TAnterior4.8 × 2.12.3Yes
644/F32ICA/RC6–7 antlat6.8 × 2.13.2NoFusiform dilation
744/M43ICA/RC6-antmed1.6 × 1.51.1Yes
835/M11ICA/LC6-antmed2.5 × 1.51.7Yes
950/M34ICA/RC6-med8.0 × 12.00.7NoPartially thrombosed
1070/M42ICA/LC6-postmed5.0 × 2.02.5Yes
1151/F11ICA/LC6-antmed3.3 × 3.70.9No
1244/F21ICA/RC6–7 post7.0 × 8.00.7NoPartially thrombosed
1344/F23BA-TAnterior3.0 × 2.01.5Yes
  • a Fisher and HH grade and aneurysm sizes are provided at the time of treatment.

  • b Aneurysm growth assessed between diagnosis and treatment.