Characteristics of the aneurysms with a branch incorporated into the sac and immediate and follow-up results of coiling

No. branch-incorporated aneurysms (patients)79 (69)
    Ruptured26 (25.7%)
    Unruptured53 (74.3%)
Mean of maximum aneurysm diameter (range)6.6 mm (2–26)
Mean of aneurysm neck (range)4.0 mm (1.6–8.4)
    Wide (≥4 mm or dome-to-neck ratio <1)49 (62.0%)
    Narrow (<4 mm and dome-to-neck ratio ≥1)30 (38.0%)
Immediate posttreatment control angiography
    Near complete71 (89.8%)
    Neck remnant4 (5.1%)
    Incomplete occlusion4 (5.1%)
Treatment-related complications (% of number of patients)
    Aneurysm rupture1 (1.4%)
    Basal ganglia hemorrhage1 (1.4%)
    Thromboembolic events during or after treatment7 (10.1%)
    Occlusion of the incorporated branch artery2 (2.9%)
    Embolic infarct1
    Transient ischemic attack4
    Treatment-related permanent morbidity4 (5.8%)
    Treatment-related mortality0
Follow-up angiography (mean, 15 months; range, 6–50 months)55 (69.6%)
    Improved or stable45 (81.8%)
    Minor recurrence not requiring retreatment4 (7.3%)
    Major recurrence requiring retreatment6 (10.9%)