Table 1:

Characterization of control and autism populations

Age (yr)Edinburgh Handedness InventoryVerbal IQ (WAIS III or WASI)Performance IQ (WAIS III or WASI)CELF-3fMRI Laterality Index (L − R)/(L + R)
Autism mean (n = 26)21.767.7106.0102.883.60.23
Autism SD6.438.522.216.727.10.56
Autism range12–35−73–10069–13967–13550–125−1.0–1.0
Control mean22.578.3121.8116.3114.20.59
Control SD6.328.712.716.49.40.33
Control range9–327–10097–14090–15592–122−0.11–0.95
P value (2-tailed t-test)0.700.380.0170.0270.00120.030
  • Note:—IQ indicates intelligence quotient; CELF-3, Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, 3rd ed; fMRI, functional MR imaging; R, right; L, left; WAIS, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale; WASI, Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence.