Table 3:

ROC curve analysis of PCT parameters for early response (tumor volume shrinkage ≥30%) to concomitant chemoradiotherapy

ValueCriterionAUCPSensitivity, %Specificity, %Positive LRNegative LR
Baseline BF>
BF (40 Gy)
Baseline BV5.00.83.0159.51000.4
BV (40 Gy)
Baseline MTT≤
MTT (40 Gy)
Baseline PS>
PS (40 Gy)
  • Note:—The values of the provided criteria are the cutoff thresholds for predicting the defined early response. The statistically significant values (P ≤.05) are set in boldface italics; the values approaching statistical significance (P = .06) are set in lightface italics. Values for BF are in mL/min/100 g; for BV, mL/100 mL; for MTT, seconds; and for PS, mL/min/100 g.