Table 2:

Summary of imaging findings in 5 patients who underwent DSA

Case/Age(yr)/SexLocation/Maximal Diameter (mm)Feeding Arteries on DSAExtent of Tumor Vascular Territory on ASL and RPI
Observer 1Observer 2
1/58/FPosterior fossa/20Rt occipital arteryCoincidedCoincided
3/48/FRt convexity/55Rt MMACoincidedCoincided
4/58/MaRt convexity/60Rt MMA, falx artery, parasitic supply from ACAPDPD
7/42/MLt middle fossa/65Lt APA, Lt MMA, Lt occipital artery, Rt ICA, parasitic supply from PCAPDPD
8/71/FRt cavernous sinus/50Rt ICA, Rt ophthalmic arteryCDCD
  • a Malignant meningioma.