Table 1:

Mean CBV values in regions of interesta

Mean CBV (mL/100 g)P Valueb
PCT infarct vs PCT normal0.814/1.378.0039
C-arm 1 infarct vs C-arm 1 normalc0.662/1.429.0008
C-arm 1.5 infarct vs C-arm 1.5 normald0.561/1.163.0014
PCT infarct vs C-arm 1 infarct0.814/0.662.158
PCT infarct vs C-arm 1.5 infarct0.121/0.178.072
PCT normal vs C-arm 1 normalc1.378/1.429.791
PCT normal vs C-arm 1.5 normal1.378/1.163.241
  • a Mean CBV values in the regions of interest within the infarcted territory (infarct) and in the normal contralateral side (normal) in the 10 canine experiments.

  • b Paired 2-sample t test.

  • c 1 indicates 1 mL/s; C-arm 1, values from the first C-arm CT acquisition.

  • d C-arm 2 indicates values from the second C-arm CT acquisition.