Table 3:

AUC and comparisons between imaging techniques for 2 readers and 53 sites of cerebral venous thrombosis in 39 patients

AUC EstimatePair-wise Difference, P Value
Reader 1Reader 2Average (95% CI)
All veins
    Combo-4D MRV0.940.900.92 (0.88–0.96)a(.03), b(.03)
    TOF MRV0.920.930.93 (0.88–0.97)c(.005), d(.02)
    GRE0.830.890.86 (0.81–0.91)
    T2W0.850.830.84 (0.78–0.91)
Dural venous sinuses
    Combo-4D MRV0.981.000.99 (0.97–1.00)a(.005), b(<.001)
    TOF MRV0.950.960.96 (0.92–1.00)c(.01), d(<.001)
    GRE0.810.870.84 (0.79–0.89)
    T2W0.890.910.90 (0.84–0.96)
Cortical veins
    Combo-4D MRV0.870.730.80 (0.70–0.90)
    TOF MRV0.870.900.89 (0.78–0.99)c(.01), e(.02)
    GRE0.850.910.88 (0.78–0.97)
    T2W0.770.700.74 (0.60–0.87)
  • Note:—Superscripts a, b, c, d, and e indicate significant differences between combo-4D MRV and T2W, combo-4D MRV and GRE, TOF MRV and T2W, TOF MRV and GRE, and between TOF MRV and combo-4D MRV, respectively.