Table 1:

Demographic and clinical characteristicsa

PPMSSPMSP Value for Comparison: PPMS vs SPMS
No. of patients710
Sex: M/F3/43/7.6
Age (yr) (mean ± SD)59.2 ± 5.943.8 ± 10.3.002
Disease duration (yr): Median (IQR)8.3 (3.8–16.4)15.9 (8.7–23.7).3
EDSS score: median (IQR)4.5 (3.0–4.5)5.5 (4.0−6.75).2
Supratentorial focal WM lesion volume (mL): median (IQR)3.6 (1.4–13.8)15.5 (3.9–23.6).07
  • a P values for the comparison between patients with PPMS and SPMS are derived from the Mann-Whitney U test, except for sex, for which Pearson χ2 was used.