Table 1:

Summary of patient characteristics and image findings in 8 patients with meningioma

Case/Age(yr)/SexLocation/Maximum Diameter (mm)DSAaRating of Tumor Perfusion on ASLExtent of Tumor Vascular Territory on ASL and RPI
Observer 1Observer 2Observer 1Observer 2
1/58/FPosterior fossa/20+Grade 2bGrade 2bCoincidedCoincided
2/73/FRt middle fossa/40Grade 2bGrade 3cCoincidedCoincided
3/48/FRt convexity/55+Grade 3cGrade 3cCoincidedCoincided
4/58/MdRt convexity/60+Grade 3cGrade 3cPDPD
5/64/MLt convexity/45Grade 3cGrade 3cCoincidedPD
6/58/FLt middle fossa/33Grade 3cGrade 3cPDPD
7/42/MLt middle fossa/65+Grade 3cGrade 3cPDPD
8/71/FRt cavernous sinus/50+Grade 3cGrade 3cCDCD
  • a + indicates performed; –, not performed.

  • b Tumor perfusion equivalent to that in the normal-appearing cortex.

  • c Tumor perfusion higher than that of the normal-appearing cortex.

  • d Malignant meningioma.