Criteria of patients developing postprocedural complications

Age (yr)SexType/ SideSymptomsFeedersCortical RefluxaDrainageApproach (TVE)Outcome (AV shunt)Complications
61MD/Lt.Bilat. chemosis and CN VI palsyLt. ICA and ECABilat. SOVFailureResidual shunt (radiosurgery)ICH/paradoxical worsening
81MB/Rt.Rt. chemosis and CN VI palsyBoth ICAsRt. SOVSuccessResidual shunt (TVE)Brain stem infarction
68FD/Lt.Lt. chemosis and blurred visionBoth ICA and ECAsBilat. SOVSuccessResidual shunt (TVE)Brain stem infarction
69FD/Lt.Rt. chemosisBoth ICA and ECAsRt. SOVSuccessSuccessCN III palsy
42MD/Rt.Rt. chemosisBoth ICA and ECAs+Rt. SOV and sylvian veinSuccessSuccessCN III palsy
82FD/Rt.Rt. chemosis and CN VI palsyLt. ICA and Rt. ECARt. SOVSuccessSuccessCN VI palsy
68FB/Lt.Lt. chemosisLt. ICALt. SOVSuccessSuccessCN VI palsy
66FD/Bilat.Lt. chemosis and Lt. CN VI palsyBoth ICA and ECAsLt. SOVSuccessSuccessCN VI palsy
58FD/Rt.Rt. chemosis and CN VI palsyRt. ICA, ECA and Lt. ICA+Rt. SOV and SPSSuccessSuccessCN VI palsy
  • a + indicates with cortical reflux; −, without cortical reflux.