Table 1:

Association of chronic health conditions with outcomes after endovascular stroke treatmenta

ConditionPoor Outcome (mRS 3–6)Good Outcome (mRS 0–2)Total (mRS 0–6)ORP ValueAdjusted ORb
HTN77.4% (151/195)60.6% (57/94)72.0% (208/289)0.45<.010.56
AFib46.6% (90/193)31.9% (30/94)41.8% (120/287)
DM23.8% (46/193)12.8% (12/94)20.2% (58/287)
CAD45.0% (85/189)34.0% (32/94)41.3% (117/283)0.63.10n/a
CHF21.6% (41/190)14.9% (14/94)19.4% (55/284)0.64.20n/a
Tob21.6% (39/181)23.9% (21/88)22.3% (60/269)1.14.76n/a
Chol33.9% (59/174)35.2% (32/91)34.3% (91/265)1.06.89n/a
  • a Data are presented as percentages in each outcome category for a given diagnosis, followed by the number of patients with the diagnosis in this category over the total number of patients in this category.

  • b OR for good outcome in multivariable logistic regression, including the variables HTN, AFib, and DM.