Table 2:

Patient and aneurysm characteristics

All PatientsPatients Treated with PVOPatients Treated by Coiling
No. patients562630
No. men20 (36%)7 (27%)13 (43%)
Mean age (yr)56.755.857.5
Median age, range (yr)57.5, 10–8158.6, 10–7956.5, 38–81
Mean follow-up (mo)42.732.051.9
Median follow-up, range (mo)28.0, 0–17925.5, 0–12635.8, 0–179
Mean aneurysm size (mm)262626
Median aneurysm size, range (mm)25, 5–5525, 15–4026, 5–55
Anterior circulation aneurysms412021
    Cavernous sinus20182
    Superior hypophyseal artery514
    Ophthalmic artery404
    Carotid artery tip110
Posterior circulation aneurysms1569
    Basilar artery tip303
    Vertebral artery110
    Vertebral artery junction110