Table 2:

Variably hyperintense brain structures on T2-weighted MRI of 5 infants with known CLD

Brain StructureInfant 1Infant 2Infant 3Infant 4Infant 5Total (%)
PutamenNoNoYes (patchy)NoNo1 (20)
Caudate nucleiNoNoNoNoYes (patchy)1 (20)
ThalamiYes (patchy)Yes (patchy)Yes (patchy)NoYes (patchy)4 (80)
Substantia nigraNoYes (patchy)Yes (mild/patchy)Yes (patchy)Yes (mild/patchy)4 (80)
  • Note:—In all infants, MR imaging demonstrated abnormal signal in the cerebral subcortical white matter, external capsule, extreme capsule, corpus callosum, corticospinal tracts, cerebellum, globus pallidus, midbrain, and pons.