Patient demographic and clinical information

Patient No.SexAge (yr)DiagnosisTumor LocationTreatment Prior to RT (Time of Administration before RT, mo)aRadiation Dose (Gy)
1M5.5Pilocytic astrocytomaRight frontal suprasellar/opticYes (42.7)CaPt (35.0), TMZ (16.5)No18.520.423.5
2bF8.5Anaplastic medulloblastomaPosterior fossaYes (5.8)CsPt/VP-16/ CTX/VCR/MTX (5.2)Dex (5.3)54.454.354.3
3F8.7Nonanaplastic medulloblastomaPosterior fossaYes (1.1)NoDex (0.8)
4bM9.2Anaplastic medulloblastomaFourth ventricleYes (1.5)NoDex (1.5)54.554.554.5
5M10.2T-cell ALLNo tumorNoT-cell IC (1.1)Pred (0.7)18.318.318.3
6M11.8Nondiagnostic biopsy (astrocytoma or ependymoma)PinealNo (VP shunt)NoNo14.94.830.0
7M11.8Malignant glioneuronal tumor, otherwise unclassifiableLeft frontalYes (5.7)NoNo41.441.034.5
8M15.3EpendymomaLeft medial temporal lobeYes (0.9)NoNo36.736. 838.0
9bM16.0Pontine gliomaPonsNoNoDex (2.0)50.624.733.1
10F18.6GerminomaSuprasellarYes (4.1)CsPt/VP-16/ CTX/VCR/(3.1)HC (3.7)20.315.416.0
  • Note:—In all patients with medulloblastoma, the posterior vermis was affected by surgery. None of the patients were diagnosed with obstructive hydrocephalus; moderately enlarged ventricles were noted in patients 1 and 6. Postsurgical mutism was diagnosed in patient 3.

  • a Time of administration before the start of radiation treatment is shown.

  • b Patient died.