Table 2:

Calculation of the SICH score

NCCT categorizationa
    High probability2
    Low probability0
Age group
    18–45 years2
    46–70 years1
    ≥71 years0
Neither known HTN nor impaired coagulationb
  • Note:—The SICH score is calculated by adding the total number of points for a given patient.

  • a High-probability NCCT: an examination with either 1) enlarged vessels or calcifications along the margins of the ICH or 2) hyperattenuation within a dural venous sinus or cortical vein along the presumed venous drainage path of the ICH. Low-probability NCCT: an examination in which neither 1) nor 2) is present and the ICH is located in the basal ganglia, thalamus, or brain stem. Indeterminate NCCT: an examination that does not meet criteria for a high- or low-probability NCCT.

  • b Impaired coagulation defined as admission INR >3, aPTT >80 seconds, platelet count <50,000, or daily antiplatelet therapy.