Table 5:

Predictive value of the aphasia improvement score

Degree of Language ImprovementAphasia Improvement ScoreaNo. of PatientsProbability of ImprovementbNo. of Patients with This Score Showing Improvement
Excellent1 or 21365%–99% (1 FP)12 (93%)
Fair3 or 42018%–96% (2 FP, 2 FN)9 (45%)
Poor5 or 6123%–32% (1 FN)1 (12%)
Dismal7 or 8131%–6%0 (0%)
  • a The aphasia improvement score is calculated as described in Table 4.

  • b The probability of improvement is estimated on the basis of the logistic regression equation of Table 3; FP and FN cases are defined on the basis of the results of a multivariate model.