Clinical and radiologic findings of rotavirus cerebellitis

PtClinical FindingsaMR Imaging Findingsb
Age (yr)/SexC (day)Mu (day)Other Neurologic Symptoms (day)OutcomeCCW, NG, VNo LesionAtrophy
13/F3–1212–21A10, Dy19A, DyD4cD6cD6, 102 mo
24/F4–77–19S5–6, H6–19, A7–30, Dy19DyD6cD13, 1 mo1 mo
34/F3–88–25S2–4, H3–12, A9, Dy25AD5c1 yrD81 yr
43/F3–99–20H5–20, dysmetria 9–25, Dy20T, DyD5cD5cD5c, 9, 141 mo
52/M4–1111–30H4–30, A10–35, Ny11–40, Dy30DyD5cD5cD11, 1 mo1 mo
63/F3–99–20S3–4, A8–25, T8–20, Dy21DyD5cD5c, 7cD102 mo
72/F3–1414–18A10–30, dysmetria 10–18, Dy18DyD5cD5, 91 mo
83/M2–44–7Dy7–30, A10–25NormalD41 mo
92/F4–1010–20A16, Dy20–40A, MeRD5c, 9, 1 mo1 mo
102/F3–4A, vertigo 3–11NormalD81 mo
113/M4–1010–25A8–45, Dy25DyD5cD5, 141 mo
  • a Clinical findings indicate timing of clinical features.

  • b Imaging findings indicate the timing of lesions in various structures.

  • c Lesions with reduced diffusion.