Table 1:

Costs and outcomes associated with selecting patients for IV tPA treatment with CTP versus CT scanning base-case results

Outcome (per patient)Usual CareCTP
% of patients with ischemic stroke treated28.30%20.94%
% of all patients with stroke treated24.62%18.22%
% of all patients with stroke who receive CTP0.00%49.42%
Favorable outcome (mRS, 0.1)39.44%40.03%
mRS outcomes for patients with ischemic stroke
% with 90-day mRS 018.41%18.23%
% with 90-day mRS 121.03%21.80%
% with 90-day mRS 212.56%11.96%
% with 90-day mRS 313.14%13.27%
% with 90-day mRS 415.75%16.13%
% with 90-day mRS 57.13%6.78%
% dead at 90 days11.98%11.83%
Hospitalization costs (including SICH) (in US $)$11,400$11,358
Novel diagnostic costs (in US $)$0$236
Drug costs (in US $)$1,070$792
Total costs (in US $)$12,470$12,386
Incremental cost per life-year gained (in US $)Cost-saving
Incremental cost per QALY gained (in US $)Cost-saving
Incremental cost per major disability avoided (mRS, ≥3) (in US $)Cost-saving