Flow characteristics in the dome of the aneurysm before, during, and after GDC placement

CharacteristicUntreatedOne Coil InsertedP Value after One Coil*Complete Coil PlacementP Value after Complete Coil Placement*
Change in temperature (°C)10.04 (6.37–12.68)6.59 (4.58–6.84)>.053.04 (0.02–6.30)<.05
Time to change in temperature (s)1.74 (1.15–2.91)2.18 (2.11–3.78)>.052.43 (0.86–4.84)>.05
Time shift ε (s)0.45 (0.11–0.53)0.34 (0.24–0.44)>.050.56 (0.23–2.09)<.05
Dilution interval (s)5.16 (4.17–7.99)20.60 (10.32–38.00)<.0526.79 (9.27–65.48)<.05
  • Note.—Data are medians. Data in parentheses are ranges.

  • * P values were determined with the Wilcoxon signed rank test (two sided).