Comparisons among whole-brain NAA, EDSS, lesion volume on T2-weighted images, and age

CriterionP/rS Value
 AgeEDSSScoreLesion Volume
Whole-Brain NAA P/rS.1271/−0.2209.9852/−0.0027.7620/−0.0443
Age P/rS−/−.5375/0.0912.3717/0.1304
Expanded Disability Status Scale P/rS.5375/0.0912−/−.0434/0.2927
  • Note.—Statistics were calculated with non-parametric Spearman correlation coefficient (rS) analysis, showing the P and rS values. Results are significant at P < .05. Note a weak statistical significance only between T2 lesion volume and EDSS score (.0434), but the small associated rS indicates that this correlation accounts for only approximately 10% of the variations in the data.