Summary of responses in specific brain region activation during the performance of the specified paradigms

ParadigmRegionSubjectPositive ResponsesPercentage (%)
Face brushingCN V sensoryNo/yesNo/noNoNoYesYesNo333
Jaw clenchingCN V motorYes/yesNo/yesNoYesNoNoYes556
L-F eye movementCN VINo/yesNo/yesNoYesYesNoNo444
Smiling, puckeringCN VIINo/yesYes/noNoNoNoYesYes444
TastingCN X (NTS)No/noNo/noYesYesYesYesNo444
Tongue tappingCN XIINo/yesYes/yesNoYesNoYesYes667
SwallowingNucleus ambiguusNo/yesYes/yesYesYesYesNoYes778
Finger tappingNucleus cuneatusNo/yesYes/yesYesYesYesNoNo667
Tongue tappingC1, C2, C3Yes/noNo/noNoNoNoYesYes333
  • Note.—Each paradigm was applied in each subject.

  • * Subjects 1 and 2 underwent testing with all paradigms on 2 days. Data are the results of day 1/results of day 2.